Sunday, November 16, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday: November 16, 2014

Time for some Scavenger Hunt Sunday! I never got a chance to post last week's, so I am going to start with those this time.

My View,  In My Bag,  Warm, Sleeping, Part of the Body

My View

My view of the field at the Bills game last weekend. The children and I enjoyed getting to see the full field flag for the first time.

In My Bag

My diaper bag got a little full a couple of weeks ago. It is full of our church mail and the children's papers.


Keeping warm at the Bills game. (Couldn't choose which I liked better.)


Tired little guy.

Part of Body

Amelia chose to get this cute unicorn on her cheek last week.

In a Row, Salty, Sweet, Sitting Down, Just Because

In a Row

The silverware was sitting in a nice neat row inside this napkin at the Koinonia Harvest Dinner on Friday night.

Salty & Sweet

Little treat cups as a part of our place settings at the Harvest dinner. There were candy corn shaped candies (not sure what exactly they were, but they were fruit flavored and very yummy) and chocolate covered pretzels.

Sitting Down

On daddy's shoulders, hanging on for dear life.

Just Because

Harold wanted one sock on, one sock off for his nap today. Not sure why, just because.


  1. I love your pics. I have never seen a full field flag live before and it looks like you had fun at the game. I love salty and sweet, and hot and sweet, and hot sweet and salty. My wife and son find repellant my pancakes, syrup, bacon, eggs all doused liberally with garlic habanero hot sauce concoction.

  2. You always post such great photos of your kiddos. They are so cute. I like the one sock off shot. It is great that you got to take them to the Bills game AND that you got to see the flag stretched out. That's awesome.

  3. Enjoyed both sets.
    Neat to see that full flag on the field. All the kiddos looked very bundled up there at the game.
    The Harvest party sounded fun and those candies and the pretzels together looked yummy.
    Sitting Down and Just Because were very sweet and cute shots.


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