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Workbox Wednesday #2- May 28, 2014

Welcome to Workbox Wednesday! 

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This week I wanted to share some more details about what currently goes in the girls' workboxes each day. Typically, each day's boxes will contain the following:

Workbox 1: Handwriting

Currently their handwriting consists of copywork for the Little Lads & Ladies of Virtue curriculum and...

...our weekly memory verse. This week we are playing catch up so we didn't have a new My Father's World memory verse. We are learning about trees though, so I decided to have them learn a few verses from Psalm 1. When we don't have a student sheet to use for memory copywork, I will write the verse for them and have them copy it into their handwriting notebook.

Workbox 2: 100 Chart

Each day we actually have "lesson time" we have a number of the day they are to write on their 100 chart. We have been using MFW 1st grade for 20 days worth of lessons to date.

Workbox #3: Math

This week the girls' math is coming from the Complete Book of Math that comes with MFW. Fortunately we have the 2 bigger cereal boxes, so each girl can have 1 for bigger books. I will write their assignments on a piece of cardstock that I place in the first page they are to complete.

Last week they also had some math to go with our Poppins Book Nook unit from Martina the Beautiful Cockroach.

Workbox #4: Manipulatives

Recently we have been reviewing several products from Learning Wrap-Ups and I have been placing them in the girls' 4th workbox. 

They may get a couple of actual learning wrap-ups, one math and one vocabulary.

I may just put a slip of cardstock in the workbox telling them to work on their Learning Palettes.

The reason they get a slip of cardstock is because the Learning Palettes are too big for the cereal boxes.

What is in your workboxes?

Chestnut Grove Academy


  1. Really neat ideas. I was thinking about using workboxes for my kids.

  2. I like the idea of the 100 chart, maybe I will use it for next year for my kiddos, thanks.


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