Friday, January 4, 2013

Kids and a Mom in the Kitchen #34: Rice Krispies Treats Snowmen

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Due to all the snow outside in our yard, I thought it would be fitting to make some snowmen snacks. But what to make? I decided Rice Krispies Treats sounded really good.

Tabitha cut out 3 Tablespoons of butter.

Amelia helped me measure out 4 cups of mini marshmallows.

 Then we were all set.

We just followed the normal recipe of Rice Krispies Treats:

3 Tbs butter
4 cups mini marshmallows
6 cups Rice Krispies

However, we also needed 1 bag of white morsels. This was my addition.

 All ready to make the snowmen.

First we melted the butter.

When the butter was melted we poured in the marshmallows and stirred them until they were melted.

Time to pour in the Rice Krispies.

 As soon as they were cool enough, but not too cool, I shaped them into snowmen.

 The girls helped shape them into balls for me.

 We ended up with some snowballs in addition to the snowmen because they were cooling down too fast and the circles wouldn't stick together.

I then melted the white morsels in the microwave. It is important to do this 1 minute at a time on medium and stir. I believe it took 3 minutes for the morsels to be completely melted. Then I dipped the snowballs/snowmen into the white chocolate.

(Just a note, you will need more white morsels than what we used. Not all of our snowmen got covered, plus the girls and the parents snacked on some treats while forming them. So, 1 1/2 to 2 bags is probably what is needed.)

I didn't get the buttons and facial features on before the white chocolate cooled, so I just reheated what remained in the bowl and used that to attach mini M&Ms for buttons and mini chocolate chips for eyes. I used a gel tube for the nose (it was left over from making Jesus' birthday cake).

Do you have your children help you in the kitchen?  What lessons do they learn? Do you have any kid friendly recipes to share?

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  2. Aw, those are so cute! We've pressed our rice krispie treats into a 13x9 pan before and used cookie cutters to cut them out but I don't think we've ever thought of molding them into fun shapes on our own.


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