Monday, November 12, 2012

Muffin Tin Monday: MFW Unit Nn- Nest

Muffin Tin Monday at

Today we started our Nn unit with My Father's World. Our topic is nests. We are learning that God takes good care of us. Not only did we discuss bird's nests, but we talked a little bit about God taking care of all animals and the different kinds of homes he provides them. 

Here are the nests:
Green tinted coconut with grape "eggs"
Hard boiled egg
Spaghetti and cheddar cheese nest with mushroom "egg"

Here are the other animal homes:
Ant hill made using graham cracker crumbs over Cool Whip with mini chocolate chip ants.
Pretzel stick twigs with chocolate peanut butter mud
Honeycomb cereal

Tabitha seemed to think the hard boiled egg needed to go in the coconut nest.

And she was building a beaver home with twigs and mud.

So Amelia decided to make one too.

Of course, Hannah got in on the fun.

It was a pretty well received muffin tin. 


  1. This would be great with our bird lesson.

  2. Your girls seems to really enjoy their lesson today. Lots of crafty Godly things you do and it's wonderful. Thanks for sharing with your readers.


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