Saturday, November 3, 2012

Our Week In Pictures Blog Hop Week 1: Oct 28-Nov 3, 2012

It's our week in pictures blog hop! This is our first week so make sure you share it with as many people as possible so we can all meet some new friends and see some great pictures!
Here's how it works:

First: Make a post with pictures from your week.
Use as many or as few pictures as you like! There is no right or wrong way to do it!

Here are our pictures from the past week.

Harold's week:
This boy is NOT afraid of the vacuum. If he is on the floor while I am vacuuming he will try to get the vacuum. On this day he was in the swing, but he was waving his arms and getting so excited when it came near.

Of course, I already shared in my Wordless Wednesday post, that he is now creeping.

While we were making our Apple Crisp for Kids and a Mom in the Kitchen he got into my cupboard and pulled out our muffin tins. He was having a blast.

Not so much so with the bowl on his head though.

The girls prepared for Hurricane Sandy by taking the water bottles out of their plastic wrapping and placing them in tubs and baskets.

Of course, had to add a picture or two of them making the apple crisp for Kids and a Mom in the Kitchen.

Hannah had her first nap in her toddler bed this week. It was a little tricky keeping her in bed (still is), but we are getting there.

She also had her first night. It was so cute. She went into the room at bedtime and came back to ask for a sleeping bag. The older girls use blankets folded over as "sleeping bags" ever since Tabitha wanted one because Krystal has a real sleeping bag. I thought it was adorable that Hannah figured she would get one now that she was in a big girl bed.
This is how I found her in the morning.

And she helped make her bed

So, that was our week. Wish I had gotten a picture of Amelia helping make Hannah's bed.

Second: Link us to your post.
 That way we can all see how your week went! 

Third. Follow your hosts. 
They will be numbers 1 - 3 on the list. We'll try to always follow back, but it's a tad easier if you leave a comment letting me know you're new here. :) My co-hosts this week are
Karen from Tots and Me
Arianne from Love, Peace, and Tiny Feet

Fourth. Try to stop by as many blog as you can and follow ones you love. 
Leave a comment and let them know where you found them!
Fifth. Take a button! 
Post this button on your blog so more people can find our blog hop! The more people that know, the more people that can join in our fun!


Last: Share the hop love!
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So link up and find some awesome new blogs!
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