Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ads to You Giveaway Winner: Ebook Apothecary

Ebook Apothecary

Here is a little description of Beth's blog
Here you'll find the ultimate cure for the bored or lethargic brain; fantasy novels, free kindle ebooks and book reviews. Introduce a little magic into your life...

The Ebook Apothecary is a book blog that focuses primarily on Fantasy Novels with the occasional dabble in Romance and Science Fiction. Updated at least three times a week, you will always find new book reviews, giveaways and more at the Apothecary. 

Cure your boredom, increase your mental capacity and discover the wisdom of the cosmos. Just a sip is all it takes. 

Proud supporter of indie authors.

If you are an avid reader or just the occasional dabbler, head on over to Ebook Apothecary to see what you may find of interest. 

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