Monday, August 15, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday: Vv

Muffin Tin Monday at

It's another letter muffin tin.  We are on the letter V on our way to finishing up the alphabet for the second time before starting Five in a Row.  Here is what I gave the girls for lunch today.

V cheese on top of bread and butter sandwich
Vienna Sausages
I left two spots empty 
Salt and Vinegar Potato chips
Veggie Dip (Ranch)
Vanilla pudding with peanut butter (of course)
I left the two spots empty and told the girls the food disappeared or "Vanished."  They didn't believe me.  So then I  brought out the Veggie Tray:

They could choose from 
Mini carrots
Broccoli (my store didn't have fresh broccoli, so I had to cook up some frozen broccoli, which neither of them seems too fond of (though Hannah seemed to like it).
Celery sticks
Corn on the cob

I gave Hannah some corn cut from the cob, the leftover cheese from cutting the V's, Vienna Sausages and broccoli. I had forgotten her bread and butter, but I did get it later.  We shared what was left of the pudding too. Oh, and after the girls tried the Salt and Vinegar chips (not a favorite) I gave them some plain chips. 


  1. Vanishing food is an awesome idea! JDaniel would love it.

  2. What a great tin! You did really well for the V theme. Plus I like the idea of letting them choose some of the items, but having some non-optional!

  3. What a great selection you gave them to choose from! Looks like it was a hit, too!


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