Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Day in the Life

Not Back to School Blog Hop

We have continued to have some lesson time during the summer, but with the start of our new curriculum we are sort of unofficially starting school again this week. I am going to try to be more organized now.  We'll see.

I have been having a hard time waking up at a decent time.  The plan was to be up at 7am, but the earliest I seem to be able to get moving is 8am.  The girls are more likely than not to already be up and running around, or getting in Hannah's crib (now that they are sharing a room). So, when mommy finally hauls herself out of bed (possibly after munching on some Rice Chex or Life cereal) I find clothes for all of us and we head downstairs.
We get dressed.
We have breakfast.  I will do hair as they are eating, munching on my food as I go (which lately has been a two egg sandwich as nothing else gets me through the morning as well).
The girls take their plates into the kitchen and then play while I clean up from breakfast.
I aim to start lesson time around 10am, though sometimes I find myself hunting for materials I thought were in a specific place and they aren't, very frustrating.  
We start with prayer

Pledges to the Flag...

and the Bible.

Then we sing the B I B L E. On the second and third verse we walk around the dining room as we take the Bible along with us and sing about being H A P P Y.

Then we do our calendar.

We then do our FIAR and some from the Weaver Interlock.
While I get lunch ready the girls watch a video. It is usually something like Dora, Elmo's World, Super Why, Leap Frog or Veggie Tales. Then we eat lunch.
Next up is reading time. I usually read 2 or 3 books. They will each pick a book and sometimes I have one or two I want to read. Yesterday it was a Go-Along book for our FIAR story.
We are currently trying something new. As the girls are now sharing a room they tend to not take their naps very well. So, after the stories, I take Hannah upstairs and lay her down.  Then the girls work on their Brain Quest workbooks (which Tabitha likes to call her Homework). When we are done with that, Amelia goes for her nap. Then Tabitha reads her Abeka reader to me and another easy reader.  Depending on her attitude she  may go up for a nap, or she may just rest on the love seat.  I have been known to let her get on Starfall or Sesame Street at this time too. 
When they get up it is dinner time. If they get up early they sometimes go out to the back yard to play while I cook dinner. We eat around 5pm so hubby can go to work (he works 12 hour shifts as an LPN). Then the girls play while I clean up or sometimes get on the computer and waste time.  I try to get the girls out to the park and/or go for a walk. Then it is time to finish cleaning and get ready for bed. I aim for bed by 9:30 and am trying to get it moved up to 9:00.

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