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Littles Learning Link Up: The Four Seasons Plus a Autumn Leaf Tree

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Here's a peek at what we have been up to in our homeschool.

Last week was our week off of school. We school 5 or 6 weeks on, 1 week off. Of course, we still had co-op. I wanted to do a fall unit, which looks like it will be more of a fall/autumn lesson. This year we are going to take the pre-k/k class on a couple of field trips. Next week we are heading to the fire station. When we get back to the camp, I plan on reading a book or two about fire safety/fire trucks and then we will do a craft based on that. And the following week, we are headed on a longer field trip which will take the full time of co-op. That brings us into November for the next meeting, so I will probably switch to a Thanksgiving theme for the few weeks we have left. 

Time to share last week's lesson/crafts. 

We started out by singing some songs about the four seasons and talking about them. I even brought a globe and a flashlight to demonstrate not just the earth traveling around the sun, but the earth spinning, giving us day and night. 

Then we made "Four Seasons Tree" Books

For this project you will need:

cardstock (1 full sheet and 3 half sheets per child)
green construction paper
acrylic paint (pink (or red and white like I used), green, red, yellow, and orange)
brown crayon
glue sticks

The only thing I needed to do to get this prepared was draw a trunk onto the bottom of the full sheet of cardstock, draw branches on two of the half sheets, and cut out the green leaves for the summer tree. 

We focused on one season at a time. 

First was spring. The children just needed to make fingerprint buds and blossoms.

We did the green for the buds first.

Then added pink for the blossoms.

We set those aside to dry and worked on the summer leaves. This was simple. They just needed to glue the green leaves to the bottom of the half page of card stock. Older children could cut out their own leaves.

We then moved on to the fall/autumn tree.
We used q-tip bundles (a bunch of q-tips bundled together with a rubber band) to dab on fall colors. I put the red, yellow, and orange close together on the egg carton so they could get them all at the same time without mixing them together, so we could see all the colors.

Finally, for the winter tree, I had the children add branches with the brown crayon above the trunk on the full sheet of cardstock.

Here's a look at all of the parts together.

Then the books were put together. I stapled the tops so we could flip them while having the trunk stay the same.

Here's spring.

Then just flip the top to summer, which it appears I did not get a picture of.
Then flip to fall.

And winter

We set them aside to let them dry while the children went to snack and gym.

When they came back, we made Autumn Leaf Trees

For this craft all you need is:

brown construction paper
green construction paper
fall leaves
glue sticks
white glue

I prepped by cutting out the trunks and green leaf section of the tree. Again, older children could cut these by themselves. Honestly, when my children were this age, they would have been cutting these out by themselves, but in this group I have a range of ages, so I decided it would be simpler and quicker to have the parts ready beforehand. 

We started out by using the glue stick to attach the leaves to the trunk. Then we put lots of white glue all over the leaves so the children could change the green leaves to colorful autumn leaves.

It was a simple craft, but I really liked the results.

We sang a couple of autumn songs and then we played a couple of games.

I had them use straws to blow a leaf across the table. They were supposed to see how far they could get it with one good blow.

They they raced in pairs across the floor, seeing who could blow their leaf to the finish line first.

Here's the words to the songs we sang.

I came up with the words myself.

First, the songs we sang at the beginning when we focused on the four seasons:

There Are Four Seasons

(to the tune of there are seven days)

There are four seasons
There are four seasons
There are four seasons
in a year
There are four seasons
There are four seasons
There are four seasons
in a year
First there’s spring and then there’s summer, then there’s fall and winter too
First there’s spring and then there’s summer, then there’s fall and winter too.

There are Four Seasons

(to the tune of Frere Jacque)

There are four seasons, there are four seasons
In a year, in a year
The seasons are a changing, the seasons are a changing
As we go, round the sun.

Spring turns to summer, summer turns to autumn
Seasons change, seasons change
Autumn turns to winter, winter turns to spring time
seasons change, seasons change

Then we sang the autumn songs we sang last fall.

Leaves are Falling

(To the tune of Running over)

Leaves are falling leaves are falling
Trees are bright and leaves are falling
Leaf piles we’ll make, we will rake and rake
When trees are bright and leaves are falling

Autumn Leaves

(To the tune of London Bridge)

Autumn leaves are falling down, falling down, falling down,
Autumn leaves are falling down
Lots of colors

Autumn leaves are falling down, falling down, falling down,
Red, and orange, yellow and brown
I love Autumn

We read three books. 

The first two focused more on the different seasons. 

Rainy, Sunny, Blowy, Snowy What are Seasons? by Jane Brocket.
Leaves by David Ezra Stein

The third one focused on fall.

It's Fall by Linda Glaser.

Let's take a look at that review schedule real quick:

Last week I posted three reviews. Phew.  I posted reviews for the two newest books in the Secret of the Hidden Scrolls series from WorthyKids Books, plus Fun Family Chess and Wooden Building Planks from Brain Blox.

This week I have another three reviews to post. You will find reviews for Smartick math subscription, the Drawing Program from Creating a Masterpiece, and Excelerate Spanish. Next week I will share my review of a multiplication practice book from Channie's Visual Handwriting & Math Workbooks.
And then in November you will find reviews for new books from Kregel Publications, plus books from Mattie Richardson,  Elephant Learning Math Academy, and LitWits Kits.

Here are some things I would like to share with you:

I'm not sure when I am going to get to that ocean themed round up. Sorry about that. I've been awfully busy with my new venture, being a Pampered Chef consultant.

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