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Sunday Photo Round Up (on a Monday): May 14th, 2018

Sunday Photo Round Up

Ooops, I day late. We were enjoying company yesterday for Mother's Day and then went to visit the hubby's mom. We had a lovely day.

Sunday Photo Round Up is where I share the pictures I have taken during the week for the photo-a-day challenges I am participating in. This month I am taking photos for the following challenges: Photo a Day from Fat Mum Slim, the challenge with the Crew, and a new one from Intentional Homeschooling.

May 6: Something Yellow

Yep, it's spring. The YELLOW dandelions are back. They are pretty though. And it's always special to get these lovely flowers from my children. They don't think they should be considered weeds because they are pretty.

May 7: Small

Small blossoms on the tree, with seemingly small children in the background. Sort of liking the way this camera was able to capture the close up in auto mode with the background blur. Much better than my old camera. 

An even closer up of small blossoms on the tree, with even smaller stamens. 

May 8: I enjoy...

I enjoy being able to take walks in the park while the children play. Bonus when hubby is home to take the walk with me. Even if I did keep cutting the side of him off. That was why we were laughing in the picture. 

May 9: Looking Down

Looking down into the river while standing on the bank. Love all the rocks.

May 10: Throwback

I was looking through my older pictures the other day to find the hotel we stayed at during our trip to the Creation Museum four years ago. I found these pictures of my little guy. He was only 2 in these pictures. Two were from the hotel, and the other was at Wendy's on the way to Kentucky.

May 11: Clean

Just some clean dishes

May 12: Shape

Loved the shape of this plant. I had no clue what it was until I posted this and was told it was probably skunk cabbage (which I'd never heard of). There are a lot of these plus other plants I don't recognize on the river bank by the boat launch in our park. I just thought this was really pretty and had a neat shape.

Then there is the challenge I am doing with the 
Homeschool Review Crew

May 6: Stitch

The children worked hard to stitch these cute little presents for Annika's birthday. The picture is from back in March, but I never shared it. Tabitha made the cat, Amelia made the pillow, Hannah made the mouse, and Harold made the other pillow (with help of course).

May 7: Enjoy

My daughter sure does enjoy receiving letters from her pen pal. 

May 8: Toy

One of Hannah's new toys that she bought with her allowance. A light up bubble blowing gun. Oh, and the bubbles are even scented. 

May 9: Old

One of the old doorknobs in our house.

May 10: Bloom

Took a walk around town today and loved how pretty these tulips looked. Perfect blooms popping up in front of the building. 

This poor little birdie (whom the children named Beaky) never had a chance for his/her life to bloom. Poor thing's life was cut short. Not sure how it ended up on the sidewalk, but that was where we found it. Amelia had picked it up before realizing the shell was occupied with a dead bird and a slew of ants. They honored the poor thing with a ring of dandelion blooms and then we had a funeral dinner in it's honor/memory.

May 11: Food

Instead of sharing more boring pictures of my meals, how about a picture of the children eating their food. Breakfast time. Oatmeal time. We mix peanut butter, brown sugar, milk, cinnamon and some chocolate chips. 

May 12: Dirt

The children were digging in the dirt for worms to stab onto sticks so they could go "fishing." Wasn't working real well. Poor worms. But boy did she get dirty.

This one is from Intentional Homeschooling. 
(This challenge does not have prompts for the weekend.)

May 7: Your Bookshelf

Just a look at our somewhat organized, somewhat unorganized bookshelf in the dining room, where we do school. 

May 8: Bad Days

I used to feel we were having such a bad day if we hadn't started our Bible time before 11 or 11:30. Now I realize the children have still been learning prior to this time. They have been doing their math (either on the computer or doing math drill with cards or something), spelling, cursive, exercise, or other subjects. I loved that Hannah's "Smile" bag was on the table when I went to take this picture. If you are having a bad day, think of what you already have accomplished and smile. 

May 9: Community

I'm so glad we live in a small community where I can just let the children run and play while I take my walk around the park. Though at times I really wish we had more young children close by for them to play with. 

May 10: Your Daily Routine

Part of our daily routine is our "morning routine" where the children alternate what they get to do depending on the day. Today Tabitha was on the new computer doing math and checking her email (great for typing practice), Amelia did her math drill and spelling, Hannah got on the old computer to do math and then played on ABCYa, and Harold got to exercise using the WiiU. 

May 11: Arts & Crafts

We haven't been doing near as many arts & crafts as we used to. I'm not sure how to rectify that problem. However, the children did pull out Amelia's puffy paints, plus some other materials, to make costumes for today's Heroes and Villains Party at the David A. Howe Public Library. They had a great time.

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