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Picture Book Saturday (on a Sunday): May 20th, 2018

Picture Book Saturday

Picture Book Saturday is where I share the picture books we have been reading as a family, focusing specifically on the books we are using for homeschooling, though sometimes I may add in some of the other fun books, especially if there is one that we really enjoyed. The chapter books the older girls and I are enjoying are shared about in my Fun Fiction Friday posts.

We didn't read very much last week as it was a no-school week. However, as we were working on Home School Navigator for a review, we did do some of our work. We read the first books for each level for the week.

Tabitha and Amelia are officially going to be staying in the Blue level, as we had to choose a level this past week. They read the hilarious book titled The Stinky Cheese Man and other Fairly Stupid Tales by Jon Scieszka & Lane Smith

This book contains funny versions of several different fairy tales, which fits in quite well with the fact that the girls are supposed to be writing their own "fractured fairy tale." Some of the stories are only a page long, though a couple are a little longer. 

Hannah, who is officially using the Yellow level, read Little Red Riding Hood the previous week, and now got a chance to compare it to this tale from China.

Personally I liked that LonPoPo: A Red-Riding Hood Story From China by Ed Young was quite different, with just a little bit of similarity to the well-known tale. Instead of one child, there are three who get left home alone while the mother goes to the grandmother's. The biggest similarity is the wolf who comes to trick them. I like that they aren't fooled and they are the ones who beat the wolf. I mean, I like Little Red Riding Hood, but she sure was foolish.

And Harold is going to stick with level Orange. This week he read The Three Little Pigs by Bernadette Watts.

This was a sweet retelling of the classic tale, with just a few differences. I loves the illustrations, especially the small animals that were in the straw and stick bundles who also found a home in the houses once they were made. 

Last week I told you that we had received some children's books for review. This week I did get my review posted, and I was able to offer my readers a giveaway. So, I invite you to stop by and read my review of these Maud the Koala books and enter for a chance to win. The giveaway is only open to US residents and will end on May 27th.

This coming week is a school week, so I should have more books to share next week. 
Thanks for stopping by.

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