Sunday, April 8, 2018

Sunday Photo Round Up: April 8th, 2018

Sunday Photo Round Up

Last month I was participating in three different challenges. My normal one from Fat Mum Slim, the one with the Homeschool Review Crew, plus one from The Idea Room. This month I am participating in four. One from last month ended and I found a two new challenges. In addition to the challenges from Fat Mum Slim and the Homeschool Review Crew, I will be sharing photos with the challenge from Jami Balmet and My House This Month

April 1: One

One Easter Lily out of several that were on the altar at church

April 2: Two

Two round, white chambers on a water gun, one of which became a landing zone for a honey bee. 

April 3: Three

Three Peeps Bunnies in timeout for some reason. Don't know why. Didn't do it for the picture. Saw them in the basket and thought it was so cute, and perfect for the prompt.

April 4: Four

Trying to get a decent picture of four precious grandchildren proved to be impossible. Little wiggleworms. 

April 5: A is for...

Adorable Annika Amusing Awesome Aunt Amelia

April 6: B is for...

Babies beneath a Buffalo Bills Blanket on a Bug.

Baby with a Bunny

Babysitting a Baby doll

Baby in a Barbie Buggie by a Book

April 7: C is for...

Then there is the challenge I am doing with the 
Homeschool Review Crew

April 1: Easter

Our Easter/Resurrection Sunday morning. The children had come downstairs and found their baskets on the coffee table. And my bunny and chocolate from the hubby are on the couch behind them in the second picture.

April 2: Morning

Someone doesn't seem too upset to see what we woke up to this MORNING. 

April 3: Goals

Just a list of my school, blogging, and personal goals for April

April 4: Learning

Our granddaughter Kadence learning how to play the recorder with the help of Aunt Tabitha. Well, maybe not really learning, but it sure looked like Tabitha was trying to teach her. She might be a little young yet though.

April 5: Throwback

Hubby found a picture of himself holding Annika a year ago today, in Burger King, where we happened to be having dinner this evening. I couldn't resist attempting a similar picture. 

April 6: Spring

Well spring sure was undecided today. It snowed, then it rained, then it cleared up, it snowed, it melted, it snowed. You get the idea. I wasn't quite sure which picture to share for this prompt either. So I shared each of these. 

April 7: Cleaning

One of our Saturday morning cleaning chores. I almost missed getting a picture because they started their chores without being told to. Then I realized the sink wasn't quite clean, so I had her finish up.

And I found this third one when I was searching on Instagram. 
From Jami Balmet

April 1: This Photo

April 2: Easter Photo

Here's an Easter Photo I didn't share yesterday. The girls made daddy some brownies. All by themselves.

April 3: Something Spring

How about a rainy day after waking up to snow on the ground yesterday. I took a picture of Amelia in the snow yesterday, and thought it would be fun to have her in the rain today.

April 4: Homemade

Homemade cookies that were not made by me. Brought for snack at co-op. Two of the girls decided to make them into flowers, like the craft we made.

April 5: Current Book

For some reason I had the urge to read the I am Number Four series again. I am currently on the second book, started it on the way home from grocery shopping

April 6: On Your Plate

This morning one of my favorite breakfasts was on my plate. Diced zucchini and radishes cooked up in bacon grease mixed in with 2 scrambled eggs and spinach. Favorite Deep S meal 

April 7: A Spring Must Have

A spring must have in northern Pa is a complete winter outfit I guess. Snow last night and chilly temperatures meant the kids needed coats to go outside. They might not have really needed the hat, gloves, and scarves, but the boots were necessary. 

And I also found this last one when I was searching on Instagram. 
From My House This Month

April 1: Share This List

April 2: Table

This is what our table looked like this morning when Tabitha was in the middle of organizing her cubby/drawer. Yes, one other thing we are going to work on getting cleaned up this week. 

April 3: My Sofa

My sofa is a fun place for the children to play. Today it was Hannah and Harold's turn to use it to play with their Little Live Pets. 

April 4: Door

Our living room door has an interesting window covering, a Buffalo Bills snuggie.

April 5: Bath/Shower

Just a peek into our bathtub/shower

April 6: Fabulous Flowers

Well, there are no flowers outside yet, but we do have these flowers that Amelia has been observing for her science experiment. The ones that are doing the best are the yellow ones. Can you guess whether they are in plain water or something else?

April 7: How I Relax

Sometimes I will pull out a book to read, other times I play games on my phone. A current obsession is Bubble Cloud. Which at times can be less than relaxing.

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