Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Wordless Wednesday: September 13, 2017 (w/linky) : Photo Opp With a Spider

We had an unexpected science lesson in our homeschool Tuesday. I looked out the dining room door's window while we were doing calendar time, and I saw a spider web hanging between the two posts on either side of the top of our steps. Then we noticed the spider was actually still spinning the web. As soon as it was time to go outside to check "what the temperature feels like," we made a slight detour to the front of our house to watch the spider.

They each wanted to pretend the spider was on their face.

Even Amelia's bear:

I was thrilled to be able to capture so many shots of the actual web.
This goes really well with the fact that we are reading Charlotte's Web, and I am getting ready to write my review of the E-Guide from Progeny Press.

Looking forward to seeing your Wordless (or not so wordless) Wednesday posts this week.
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  1. I have a love/hate relationship with spiders. I think they're necessary, but I don't want too many cobwebs around!

  2. It looked like cracked glass at first had to laugh at the kids reactions they are braver than me I would have run a mile LOL

    Have a webtastic week :-)

  3. Your kids are so brave! Nicely photographed and the kids do make it more interesting. I hope that spider doesn't bite anyone. Ugh!

  4. What a great find. Most spiders are great to have around. They capture other bugs.

  5. That's a great shot of the web! Funny that they wanted pictures with the spider on their face. :) Those turned out great!

  6. I always loved impromptu lessons like this with our kids during our home school years. Seeing your darling ones with their stuffed animals reminded me how mine always had theirs all the time, too. What sweet times! Thanks for visiting and linking today.

  7. Sometimes observing the world is the best teaching tool there is. Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful week.

  8. Amazing pictures!! Especially the ones you took through the spider web!

  9. We've had a similar spider spinning and re-spinning her web over our kitchen sink for the past couple of weeks. A few days ago she shed her skin, which was a fascinating all day process. You couldn't plan these experiences if you wanted to!

  10. These are fantastic photos of the spider and its intricate web! Perfect timing for the children as they were reading Charlotte's Web. My daughter loved that book when she was a child. Thanks for your post on the book. It reminded me to buy a copy for my granddaughter who just turned 7 two weeks ago.


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