Friday, September 8, 2017

Kwik Stix Are Available at BJ's Wholesale Club

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you may have figured out that we love art projects. So, we love it when we find new products to use during out art time. A couple of years ago we were introduced to a really neat art product called Kwik Stix. I recently discovered that they are now available at BJ's Wholesale Club! This is sort of awesome, because we have a BJ's near us. Though, we aren't members currently, that could always change.

The children and I all love using these solid tempera paint sticks. I posted a review of the original Kwik Stix a couple of years ago, and then several months ago we reviewed the Thin Stix. When we first received them, this was the thought that ran through my head, "they are sort of like a combination between paint, a marker, and a glue stick."

We love that the children can all work together on a project and not have to worry about spilled paint or water. 

We also love the ease of use. Just remove the cap, twist up slightly if needed, and start painting. Oh, and they dry super fast as well. 

The Thin Stix are great for filling in smaller areas, or making thinner lines. Though, I can't really say these remind me of glue sticks. Of course, that doesn't change the fact that they are really neat, unique art products. 

So, if you happen to have a BJ's Wholesale Club near you, you have the awesome opportunity of purchasing these there. And, you will save money, as the 24 pack of Kwik Stix, which regularly sells for $24.99, is available for $19.99. These bigger packs include the classic colors that we received, and they also include the Neon and Metallic colors. Such an awesome deal. 

If you would like to see more details about what we thought about Kwik Stix and Thin Stix, I invite you to read my reviews (linked above). You can also see some of the fun projects the children made. 

Disclosure: The Pencil Grip Co. (makers of Kwik Stix), have offered to send me a free pack of Kwik Stix, in exchange for helping spread the word.

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