Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wordless Wednesday: August 16, 2017 (w/linky) : Fun With the Grandbabies

We finally had a chance to visit the grandbabies the other day. It has been almost a year since we were up that way. Boy has the littlest one gotten so big. Of course, so have the other three girls. The children loved visiting and playing with their little nieces (one of which is actually older than Harold). They also enjoyed being able to try out a new playground. Then we went out for dinner at Denny's, which was sort of cool. I've never been to a Denny's. The food was pretty good, and I was able to stay on plan.

Looking forward to seeing your Wordless (or not so wordless) Wednesday posts this week.
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  1. Never a dull moment when you go to the park, everyone looks like having a great time!! Your granddaughter is darling!!

  2. Lovely photos of the playground and your family. Looks like everyone is having a great time

  3. Thanks for hosting and looks like a fun time was had at the park.


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