Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Review of Tabitha's Social Studies Work for 2015-2016

I had to pull together Tabitha's work into a portfolio this week to send in to our evaluator. I decided it would be cool to share a look back at all her work as I haven't been doing a very good job sharing our school work on the blog this year. Today I am going to share Social Studies.

This year we focused on American History with My Father's World Adventures, this also included looking at each of the states. 

First we learned about the Vikings:

Then we learned about Christopher Columbus

We learned a bit about Native Americans

And we moved on to colonial days.

Tabitha took the initiative to make the berry ink and quill on her own, then they all used it to write.

We learned that the American flag didn't always look the same.
The children made their own designs.

I taught her class at co-op which was a review of early American History.

Native Americans: Buffalo Hides and Pictographs
(these pictures show Tabitha's and Amelia's)


Viking Shields

The timing of making these viking shields was perfect. We were in the middle of reviewing Heirloom Audio Production's The Dragon and the Raven. You can check out my review here.

Horn books

We moved on to learning about America becoming an independent country.

And we focused on the states, 2-3 a week.

We are still working our way through the rest of My Father's World Adventures. After taking a bit of a break, we are going to have summer school. So, we haven't gotten to all the states yet, but we will before we move on to Exploring Countries and Cultures.

We learned about important discoveries and inventions in early America. Sometimes Tabitha read a book on one of our important history figure by herself and wrote a summary.

Here she is learning how difficult it would have been to pull seeds out of cotton.

Here she is working on her timeline.

Learning about PA

PA was one of the states we learned about, as we learned about the states in the order they entered the union.

We also went to the PA Lumber Museum.

You can see more pictures from this field trip in my May 3rd Wordless Wednesday post.

Tomorrow I will be sharing a review of her science and math work. Then on Friday I will share Language Arts and other miscellaneous subjects. Next week I will share a review of Amelia's work.

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