Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Review of Tabitha's Science and Math Work for 2015-2016

As I mentioned yesterday, I had to pull together Tabitha's work into a portfolio this week to send in to our evaluator. I then decided it would be cool to share a look back at all her work here on the blog, as I haven't been doing a very good job sharing our school work on the blog this year. Today I am going to share Science and Math.

Let's start with science:

We used several different sources for science this year. There were Usborne books assigned in My Father's World Adventures. These books occasionally had experiments and observations for us to do. Plus she participated in some MFW Kindergarten observations. We also used a couple of review products: Big Bible Science: Experiment and Explore God's World and Science Shepherd: Introductory Science Level B.

Here is a look at some of the fun experiments and observations we did.

Seeing if an egg will sink or float in water and salt water.

Measuring shadows throughout the day.

Turning grapes into raisins.

Visiting the Corning Museum of Glass

You can see more pictures from our Corning Museum of Glass trip on my Wordless Wednesday posts: Part 1 and Part 2.

Examining leaves. We took a leaf off the plant to see what would happen to it.

Seeing how hard it is to lift a newspaper by hitting the ruler lying underneath it.

Super Moon Eclipse

Discovering that an "empty" bottle is still full...of air.

Hands-on science at the library.

Using Science Shepherd. Started by learning about the days of creation. Here she was using play dough to make her favorite animals.

Using Big Bible Science. Learning about gravity and whether objects of different sizes will fall at the same rate.

The children also do a lot of observing of nature outside our house.

Funnel spiders found in our yard.

Ant larvae found under a rock in our yard.

And we just discovered a potato bug/rollypolly giving birth!

She also used Essential Skills Advantage for Science

Moving on to math:

Because of being on the Crew, we have been changing up our math curriculum quite a bit. We started out the year with some worksheets from Super Teacher Worksheets. Plus she was using A+ Interactive Math through an independent review I was doing. Then we reviewed the A+ Interactive Math Mini Course: Algebra. Then we used Math-U-See Gamma. Now we are using LearnBop. So, her lessons have been all over the place.

Working on fractions

Working on fractions with Hershey's chocolate (a favorite activity)

A Plus Interactive Math 3rd Grade

A+ Interactive Math Mini Course: Algebra

Needed to work on a couple of worksheets to help with the lessons she struggled with:

Math-U-See Gamma

Playing Sunya to work on multiplication

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