Monday, July 14, 2014

Muffin Tin Monday: Madeline/France

Well, I guess there is no where for me to link up my muffin tin meals again. That doesn't mean I am going to stop making them though, the children wouldn't let me if I wanted to. And if I am going to make them, I am going to share them. I hope you don't mind.

This week we are reading the book Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans with the curriculum we are reviewing called Lightning Literature and Composition Grade 1, from Hewitt Homeschooling. I am also using the book Picture Book Activities by Trish Kuffner to include the younger children in the fun. So, today's muffin tin had a Madeline/France theme and I also got to use my Triangle Fun Bites cutter that I will be reviewing shortly as a part of my Back to School/5 Year Blogiversary Giveaway.

The top 3 compartments represent the French flag:
White-Cheese Triangles put together in the shape of a square

Then there is a hat like the one Madeline wears made out of a dessert shell filled with vanilla yogurt, topped with half a peach and tied with a piece of a peel-able Twizzler.
The flower represents the flowers the girls bring Madeline when she is in the hospital. It is made of cheese cut with the FunBites cutter, a grape center and a green pepper stem.
Lastly, the children had a crescent roll (croissant).

I remember rowing Madeline when we were doing Five in a Row a few years ago. Though we aren't using FIAR right now, we are focusing on a book a week during the summer. It's been fun so far.

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