Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday Photo Round-Up: June 1st, 2014

Time for some Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

I had a bit of trouble with this week's prompts, but I would like to share the pictures I took for the last two week's worth of prompts, seeing as I haven't had time to get them posted.

Animals, In the Shade, From Behind, On the Ground, Bugs or Blossoms


Visited my son's girlfriend's family and church two Sunday's ago. They have chickens, so I had to share.

In the Shade

Playing in the shade of the trees.

From Behind

We went over to the park to look for leaf litter over by the river and I snapped this shot of them looking at the river.

On the Ground

Tabitha's big lemon on the ground at the park.

Bugs or Blossoms

This chalk art is from a different day at the park.

And a little bee on a blossom of a dandelion. 

Where I Stand, Pink, Technology, Something New, Favorite Place

Where I Stand
Amelia in Ashley's back yard, standing in the garden.

And standing in the tree in our yard.

Here Tabitha is singing "Let it Go" and is on the line, "Here I stand, and here I'll stay" where Elsa stomps her foot to create her ice castle.

Just a little on the pink side.

This little puppy liked that there was a nearly identical puppy on my cell phone. 

Something New
Steven's girlfriend, Ashley, did Tabitha's hair in a new do.

Favorite Place
Yes, their favorite place is the park.

was a complete bust again. Going to try again this month. So frustrated with myself.

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