Monday, May 27, 2013

Muffin Tin Monday: Memorial Day 2013

Today, once again, I did not go with the theme which was Down On The Farm. As it is Memorial Day we had a patriotic muffin tin. I shared a few of my old patriotic tins in this post if you would like to see them. 
Here is my newest patriotic muffin tin:
I have to share all three, because my older daughter was here and she made each sandwich decoration a bit different for them. Other than that, the meals are identical.

They had:
Red grape tomatoes
6 white cheddar cheese flag stripes
Blue Raspberry Soda
Strawberry star
Red, white and blue fruit
(banana and strawberry slice stripe pattern surrounded by blueberries)
Star cookie
Peanut butter and fluff sandwich with blue and red gel star decorations. 

Here is Krystal's lunch:

And Harold got some cut up grape tomatoes, strawberries, pb and fluff sandwich, and bananas. He also got a cookie for dessert, I just didn't want it on the tin. 

Our little guy was is the only one dressed in patriotic clothing, and I didn't even do that on purpose.

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  1. Your tins look great - very colourful, and your girl did a great job with the decorating. :o)

  2. Great lunches! Love all the stars and stripes :)

  3. Such colourful MTMs, I love them! Great job, mum!!


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