Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day Muffin Tins from the Past

Are you looking for some fun ways to share some patriotic food this weekend. I wanted to share 3 of the past patriotic muffin tins I made for the girls.

Red, White and Blue Tin

Red grape tomatoes
White Cheddar Cheese Star
Blue Drink
Red, white and blue fruit salad consisting of:
blueberries, watermelon and cool whip. 
(It was supposed to be apples for the white, but we didn't have any.
Red, white and blue Jell-o salad (the white is cool whip again)
Peanut butter and apple butter star sandwich

Stars and Stripes Tin

Red beet stars and stripes
White bread star, White cheese stripes
Leftover pizza stars and stripes
Red Watermelon stars and stripes
White apple star and stripes
Marshmallow flag (hubby's suggestion)
Waffle flag (strawberry jam, cool whip and blueberries)

Red, White and Blue Stars Tin

Red beet stars
White cheese stars
 Peanut butter sandwich stars
Red fruit burst (grapes and strawberries)
White cool whip
Blueberries (not very well received because they are the frozen kind)
And a yummy patriotic sugar cookie

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  1. frozen blueberries and other fruit frozen are wonderful for smoothies!


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