Sunday, March 17, 2013

Muffin Tin Monday: St. Patrick's Day Rainbows

It has become a tradition in our house, to have a rainbow muffin tin for St. Patrick's Day. I had contemplated doing something different, until I realized how excited Tabitha was as she was awaiting her tin. 

They had:
White clouds made up of Ranch dressing, cauliflower and shredded Mozzarella cheese
Pot of gold coins
Then, starting at the bottom left corner we work our way through the colors of the rainbow.
Red Grape Tomatoes and Red Pepper
Orange Mini Carrots, Apricots and Pepper
Yellow Corn, Scrambled Eggs and Pepper
Green Romaine Lettuce, Snap Peas and Pepper
Blueberries and Purple Grapes

As we only have 2 12 compartment tins, I had to give Hannah her meal in two tins placed side by side.

Harold got the mini tin I used for Hannah last year. 

He had:
White shredded mozzarella clouds
1 gold coin
Red (sort of) BBQ Vienna sausages
Orange goldfish
Yellow scrambled eggs
Green Beans 

The girls loved getting the gold coins again.

Of course they did, it is chocolate after all.

The girls also colored rainbows as a conclusion to our weeks of color projects.

And they added a shamrock.

Oh, mommy had a rainbow lunch too. 

Isn't this a colorful salad? Yummy.


  1. So many rainbows in so many tins! This is awesome! I especially like how the pepper pieces make perfect little rainbow arcs. :)

  2. Very cool, I had never thought of doing this before. Now to see if I actually remember next year!

  3. I love it, Ive never given my kids a muffin tin lunch, but it looks like fun


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