Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanksgiving Thankfulness Turkeys

This month the children and I have been discovering one or two new things to be thankful for each day centered around the alphabet. We always begin our lesson time with prayer and this month we have been writing down each thing we are thankful for on an individual turkey each day.  Then when we pray we thank the Lord for all the previous things we were thankful for.  I even wrote the letters of the alphabet on the calendar dates to help the girls see what letter we are up to. And to remind me when we are behind because of skipping lesson time due to play group, sickness or other things.
The plan is to hang the turkeys up this coming weekend to help decorate for Thanksgiving.

The fronts

I found this turkey at google images, can't remember the website I was led to. I wanted to add "I am thankful for" on the turkey and started writing around the tail feathers without realizing it would fit perfectly.

The backs

This is where I am going to hang them to decorate for Thanksgiving.


  1. Such a beautiful idea. I love it.

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  2. You always have great activities! If I were still teaching I would definitely have dome this with my students.



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