Friday, May 28, 2010

We finished our Creation Lapbook!!

Well, we have been working on this creation lapbook for a few weeks and today we finally put the finishing touches on it, so I wanted to share.  We started out our Creation Bible times several weeks ago, following the schedule in my Little Folk Visuals parent guide.  Here are some pictures of the children using the felts:

I had a felt piece of the earth from a different set that I used to show the girls that the earth has water and land.  They used this as a pattern to color in their "Whole World in His Hands" pop up.

Tabitha decided to place the felt on her paper (not a bad fit, huh?)

Then I decided to add a section right under this pop up (the printable included the song).  So I made sure the girls know He's got Tabitha/Amelia in His hands!  I added a picture of each girl in their own lapbook and we glued on hearts showing how much God loves them both that he made them each special and unique.  We went into the bathroom to look in the mirror so they could discover their eye color and hair color, which we added to two of the hearts.

I found an activity sheet on which the girls were to match creatures with the homes God has made for them.  I thought it was from but I can't find it now.  I had followed a link to it, but now I can't find it at their site.  If I find it I will post the link.

(Amelia did get a little help drawing the lines)

Then we made a mini book I designed (which is what was holding up this lapbook because I didn't have everything I wanted to use for this craft, then I just decided to dig and improvise and make do.  I took several pieces of cardstock and cut them in half lengthwise, ending up with a 4 1/4 inch width.  Each page was then cut out.  I started out at 3 inch height and worked my way up to 10 inches, with 1 inch intervals.  Each page was devoted to one day of creation.  The girls were able to trace dots to write the days of the week.  They got to glue on different things or use stickers for each day.

Here is the completed lapbook:

I put our memory verse on the cover and had the girls color 
Tabitha made a happy face (you can't see it really well but it is by the end of the word beginning)

This is the view after opening the two flaps:

Our minibook:

View after opening the middle flap downward.  This is the memory match game.  
I made a pocket for the picture cards representing each day.

The habitat match activity:

All about me

I found printables for this lapbook at a couple of different sites. had the "whole world" pop up and the "all about me" printables.  I turned part of it into a "My favorite things" book.  And from their sister site: Christian Preschool Printables I printed out the Creation Memory Match cards.

For other cool activities being done by preschoolers and toddlers, head on over to Homeschool Creations and 1+1+1=1

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  1. Love the lapbook! Great job!

  2. that is a wonderful lapbook!

  3. What a great lapbook! I just started making lapbooks & tot books for my boys too.

  4. That's a great lapbook. I am trying to make my own lap books too on things that interest my kids. Do you create your materials in word or publisher-not sure which is best?

  5. We're working on our Creation Lapbook this week! Yours turned out super cute!

  6. What a great lapbook! I love it!!


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