Friday, May 21, 2010

A Somewhat productive week

I am thinking back on this week, trying to remember what we did.  I actually started out the week on a positive note, lots of optimism that I was getting back on a schedule.  Hahaha, did I say schedule...with a 1 month old?!?!?!?

We have been keeping track of the vegetables the girls are eating.  We are trying to eat a wide variety of vegetables, so we went vegetable shopping (and bought some other food too).  Didn't think to take a picture of us choosing our veges at the store.  We have paper "plates" on the wall to which we tape pictures of the veges the girls eat at each meal, but they have to have actually eaten them somewhat.  I mean, they don't have to clean their plates, but they need to have made a good attempt of eating them.

At the end of the week I put them on a different piece of paper, making a chart.

We are going to compare how many vegetables they eat from week to week and which are the more popular vegetables in any given week.  So far carrots and beets are winning.

I believe this was the only thing we did that was V related.  I had some cute plans, but I guess they will wait til next week.  We have been watching our vegetables grow. I was so excited when I realized I recognized what was growing where.  I thought I would remember, but I didn't at first.  We marked the rows with rocks and sticks so we could find them, but I couldn't remember which veges were planted in each row. The other day I recognized the green beans, the opposite side of the peas than I thought we had planted them.  At first, the only plants I recognized were the peas.  Then I realized that another two rows had leaves that looked familiar.  I was seeing teeny tiny spinach leaves!  I had to call the children out and show them what I was seeing.  As I mentioned in the last post, I get really excited over growing things.

The productive part of our garden:

Our peas:

And our teeny spinach (with a few weeds we haven't weeded yet)

We have been working on our Creation Lapbook.  We colored an earth paper.  We worked on our Days of Creation week minibook.  They did a worksheet based on the homes God has given different creatures to live in.  I started organizing the lapbook.  I hope to finish it this weekend and have a post with pictures for everyone.

We went to playgroup on Tues, to the girls' delight.  The week before we could only stay for a half an hour because I had an appointment.  And since Hannah has been born we had only gone one other time.  So I think we are getting back into our routine slowly.

We didn't get anything done Wednesday because Hannah had a hearing screening.  (I'm pleased to share that her hearing is just fine).  It doesn't matter what time of day appointments are, they get me off schedule and we don't get much done.

Yesterday we also worked on our creation lapbook.  If we CAN get that finished today or tomorrow we will devote next week to finishing up V.  I love doing these lapbooks, but they sure take up a lot of planning and prep time.  I am not sure what our next Bible story is.  When I figure that out we will see if I am going to do another lapbook so soon after this one.

So this week our Bible verse was
Genesis 1:1 In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

Tabitha shocked me the one day when, after only going over it 2 times on previous days, she recited it perfectly after I said the reference.

Oh, and the girls have also been able to watch the Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD, which should actually be watched before the Talking Words Factory DVD I recommended last week.  I also recommend this one.  Here you get introduced to every letter and their sound.  You get to see the cute way that the letters are "trained" to say their specific sound.  Tabitha actually requested to watch the Letter one over the Word one this week.

And of course, we watched a signing time DVD, the episode about "My Day."  I am enjoying learning signs right along with the girls.  And Tabitha does a good job explaining how the signs are supposed to be formed.

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  1. Thanks for your reply! Your baby was born exactly 2 years after my son (he is 11th April 08)! I like the veg idea. I struggle to get mine to eat veg but making it a competition may help!

  2. We struggle with vegetables and fruits, well let's just say a lot of foods. We have I don't like to say a picky eater, but she has her likes and dislikes, that is for sure.

  3. Ive heard really good things about the Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD. Thats great your daughter is memorizing her verse so fast. My daughter recites her older brothers memory verses, haha! Some kids just have a knack for memorizing i guess! She doesnt get it from me!

  4. I like the vegetable chart. I'd like to do that, too!

  5. Wow, kewkew~!! I've missed a lot of action going on at your homeschool! Our computer has been on the fritz for the past couple of weeks so I've been getting on and off really quick. It finally crashed a few days ago!! I'm using my mom's computer right now!

    RE: Peak With Books - it looks fun and we just got our order of books to go along with it today (From Rainbow Resources). PWB is actually for Piglet but I know Squeak will like to listen in and help with actitivies. Rainbow Resources says it's for PreK - 1st grade and I don't see that. I think the books are way too young for 1st graders and some K students. I wouldn't buy any of these books as read alouds for Squeak. I would buy them for her to read herself though. From the quick peak through the activities, I also don't see them for 1st graders either. But it's still cute and they group the books in unit themes. We are going to start June 1st...perhaps I'll have a computer by then so I can blog about it!! Also it's secular, that was a "eh" thing for me but the Lord is part of our lives everyday in other ways too so I was fine with that.

    RE: My backpack has gone with me to Israel twice, for example. Those patches were bought there.

    I can say that I'm excited to start Miquon and MEP!!

    Take care!!!

  6. This is a great week, and you did so much with a newborn on your hands. I like your veggie chart a lot. We also try to eat variety of fruit and vegetables and more successful on some days than on some others :)


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