Monday, July 22, 2019

Fun Adventure with Britfield and the Lost Crown {A Review and Giveaway}

Tabitha and I had the opportunity to read the first book in a new series from C.R. Stewart. In total there will be five books in this middle school age series. The first book is titled Britfield & The Lost Crown.

This award-winning story takes place in England, starting out in the horrible Weatherly Orphanage in Yorkshire. Here the children are used as slave labor making baskets to be sold. Money that is meant to be for the care of the orphans is used by the owners and the children have very meager belongings and food and care. They are watched by cruel, strict caretakers who treat them very badly, and who punish misdeeds severely.

Our story focuses on two children who succeed (with the help of their fellow orphans) in escaping the orphanage and find themselves on the run from the persistent Detective Gowerstone and one of the cruel caretakers. Tom discovered that his parents may still be alive and sets out to find out what he can about them, and his friend Sarah comes along with him. They discover a hot air balloon that is already prepared for flight and take off into the sky to get away from the crafty detective and the rest of the officers. The chase goes from the air, to the ground, back to the air again, and back to the ground, until finally our scared and harried characters end up taking a train trip to discover some shocking information.

The children's trip allows the reader to discover such places as Oxford University, Windsor Castle, and St. Paul's Cathedral in London. They make allies along the way, are betrayed by someone they were led to believe they could trust, and discover that everyone is not who they appear to be.

As I read through the story, there were many opportunities to learn about English history, culture, and geography. There are many different places that can be researched to learn more about them. There is quite a lot of action, though there were definitely some times when the actions and consequences weren't quite believable. Though, I admit, some things that happen are more understandable when you get to the end of the book and discover some intriguing information about a certain character. Definitely unexpected information.

My daughter and I enjoyed the book very much, and are both a bit upset that we have to wait so long for the second book in the series. Definitely something to look forward to as we will get to see what happens to Tom and Sarah on the next leg of their adventure.

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  1. Sounds like a great book and series that will have many different twists in many parts of their world. Glad you two liked it๐Ÿ‘

  2. I have been to several Caribbean islands and to Romania. My fav place would have to be st Lucia

  3. I have been to Europe twice when I was a teen. My favorite part was Germany.

  4. I have been to Canada and Guatemala. Both are great in their own, very different ways. Climbing a volcano and the marketplace in Antigua, Guatemala were probably my favorites.

  5. I have been to Canada that is the only place out of the country I've been

  6. I have been to Canada once. But I dream of visiting London and taking a tour of all the great places writers have been and are buried.

  7. I would love to visit Europe. I have traveled all over the USA & most of Canada.

  8. I visited central Europe when I was young & dumb. I also spent 1 month in Nepal in my late teens (which was awesome!, except for the dysentery).


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