Sunday, August 5, 2018

Sunday Photo Round Up: August 5, 2018

Sunday Photo Round Up

Sunday Photo Round Up is where I share the pictures I have taken during the week for the photo-a-day challenges I am participating in. For August I am participating in the ones from Fat Mum Slim, the Crew, one from Homeschool Instagrammers, and a new one from Happily Homegrown

August 1: My Vice

While reading is usually seen as a good thing, obsessively reading and not being able to get anything else done is not. My obsession could definitely be considered my vice. So, here I am, on my couch, surrounded by my vice, the book I am currently reading plus a small selection of all the books I need to read, but am not sure which one to start with. And yes, it was weighing me down a bit, making it even more of a challenge to get up and get things done. 

August 2: Fun

The children were having fun making a home for a toad. Sadly, I don't think he was having much fun. It was more of a cage than a home, except for the fact that he could hop right out. He is now safely camouflaged by a tree in the park. I couldn't even find him without the children showing me where he was hiding. And yes, they washed their hands after touching him.

August 3: Leaf

This poor leaf has seen better days, but it sure must have been tasty to the beetles.

August 4: Weekend Vibes

Got some cleaning and organizing done. Couple of bags to go to the thrift shop plus 4 tubs of school papers (though these aren't full). We switched the smaller tubs (which were full) with these and now the smaller tubs have stuffed animals in them. Feeling good to get quite a bit accomplished today.

Then there is the challenge I am doing with the 
Homeschool Review Crew

August 1: Beginning

The beginning of the line Harold was making to draw his huge dinosaur, using the brand new chalk he "bought" with the Summer Reading Program Dollars he earned for reading this week. 

August 2: Story

During her reading time Hannah was reading one of her favorite stories, a series called Tales of Sasha. She has been reading and rereading them this summer.

August 3: Setting

I have all these settings on my nice new camera, and yet I keep it on the auto setting almost all the time as I really am clueless with most of the functions. Sigh.

August 4: Action

And on to the third challenge: Homeschool Instagrammers

August 1: Home School w/ Devices

We don't use a lot of devices in our homeschool. Especially if we are talking about electronic devices. The children use the computers daily and they also use the WiiU gamepad when they exercise. Amelia was playing the Orienteering (or what she calls "hide and seek" jogging).

August 2: Reading

Getting ready to read the letter that Tabitha sent us from camp. For the second time, as I had already read it inside to make sure daddy heard it before he went to work.

August 3: Schoolroom

A little peak at our dining room, which is also our school room. At this point, I am not ready to show the side with the shelves as it is such a mess. I haven't had a chance to organize yet. Will have to get to that soon, then I will share pictures of our full schoolroom.

August 4: Math

While we were cleaning today I decided there are some preschool materials we are going to be able to get rid of, including some math activities. Such as these hands-on counting numbers that I made for the children a while ago. Each numeral has the corresponding number of Velcro strips for attaching little images.

Aaannnnd on to the fourth challenge: Happily Homegrown

August 1: Share this image

August 2: Introduce Yourself

Well, I'm Karen, homeschool mom of 4 (ages 11, 10, 8, and 6) plus mom to 7 older children who are out on their own (3 biological children, 4 step-children). Grandma to quite a few already (doesn't seem possible). Blogger over at Tots and Me...Growing Up Together. Obsessed with taking photographs, though I wish I was better at it. Lover of books, books, and more books. 
I miss having preschoolers to teach, but at least I can come up with crafts for the preschool co-op class. My biggest dream is to one day be able to write a book, but that isn't going real well. 
The crazies behind me were pretending to put the toad they found on my head. 

August 3: School Supplies

I decided to go a bit of a different route today. Instead of the school supplies we have bought, or those we still have to buy, I decided on something we don't have to buy as homeschoolers. Sure some may still buy backpacks, but they aren't a necessity as they are for public school students. Plus, these were just sooo cute. 
So, here's a reason why #I❤homeschooling
We don't have to worry about getting all the supplies public school students require.

August 4: Something that Sparks Joy

Seeing my children so joyful to be reunited after being separated when one of them was at camp, brings me joy. 

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