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Fun Fiction Friday - August 3rd, 2018

Fun Fiction Friday
August 3rd, 2018

Welcome back to Fun Fiction Friday.

In my Fun Fiction Friday I share the books the older girls and I are reading, and a short review of a Young Adult or Juvenile book I have finished, if applicable. I will also ask the girls to tell me something they would like to share about at least one of the books they are currently reading.

Tabitha took the following books to camp with her this past week. Originally she was told she could only take one, but she couldn't choose, so I allowed her to take all three.

Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger is the first book in the series I am also reading. We are both having a hard time putting the books down. They are full of adventure and fantasy, a great combination. 

The Hidden Staircase is the second Nancy Drew book by Carolyn Keene. I'm so glad Tabitha is old enough to read these books now. I loved them when I was a kid.

Warriors The New Prophecy: Sunset by Erin Hunter is the last book in this second Warriors series. Tabitha is really enjoying this story and is quite obsessed with it.

She actually ended up finishing The Hidden Staircase, and she didn't have a chance to read the Keeper of the Lost Cities because one of her new friends borrowed it (and is now planning on taking it out of the library).

Amelia ended up setting the Survivors book aside, as we discovered it is actually the second series that features those characters. Instead she settled in and finished The Wizard of Oz.

And she decided to read Warriors by Erin Hunter after all.

As a family, we started reading A Bear Called Paddington by Michael Bond  as it goes along with our review of the literature study of Paddington from Branch Out World.

A Bear Called Paddington by Michael Bond was a book I loved when I was a child. I have been wanting Tabitha to read it for a while, but she has so many books in her TBR pile she hasn't gotten to it yet. So, we are now making it a family read-aloud. 

And I am finishing up the last book (so far) in the Keeper of the Lost Cities series by Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Nightfall.

I am absolutely loving this series. It's got a great mix of fantasy and adventure, plus a bit of mystery and suspense that really keeps the pages turning. Quite a few unexpected twists and turns in this book. Nightfall is the fifth book in the series and I just love the story and the characters. It is very rare that an author can get me so emotionally involved that I find myself in tears for the characters, this is one of them. 

In this series Sophie, who was brought up by a family of humans until she was 11 year old, suddenly finds out she is an elf, and part of a magical world that keeps itself separated from the human world. She also finds out she has a very important role to play and has more powers than most elves, though all have different skills, and the majority have at least one special ability. She finds herself in many dangerous circumstances, some of her own making, while trying to first find her place in this new world, and later while trying to help fix problems that have evolved in their world. 

I definitely recommend this series for lovers of the fantasy genre.

The following series came to my attention when I was looking for books by Christian authors in the horror genre for the adult summer reading program at the library.

Not a huge fan of horror stories anymore, but this one caught my attention. I'll have to see how they are once I start reading them. I am starting House of Dark Shadows this weekend.

What Tabitha has to say about The Hidden Staircase by Carolyn Keene

A girl named Nancy Drew is staying at Riverview Manor with her friend to help solve the mystery about the ghost. She has to search for a secret passageway that the "ghost" has been using to get into the house to steal stuff.

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