Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sunday Photo Round Up March 18th 2018

I decided I really miss posting my Sunday photo round up posts. After Scavenger Hunt Sunday stopped a few years ago, I tried to still post, but I got lazy. I've been wanting to change this for a while. Today, I decided I each Sunday I will be sharing the photo a day pictures I am posting each day on Facebook and Instagram.

This month I am participating in three different challenges. My normal one from Fat Mum Slim, the one with the Homeschool Review Crew, plus one from The Idea Room.

March 11: Iconic

Church steeple with cross from a church in our town.

March 12: Pastel

Pastel stones in my son's goldfish's fish bowl. With Scales stopping by to say hello!

March 13: Ha!

Thought it was a bit amusing when my daughter blew this bubble with gum and said it looked like a tomato. 

March 14: Clouds

Using a picture from earlier in the week as it was completely overcast when I had to take the picture. I even tried waiting til the next day, and had the same problem. So, I decided to use a picture I took on Sunday, which was for iconic, but I ended up using the picture of the church steeple. It is the only recent picture I have of pretty clouds. 

March 15: Blue & White

I've had this wall decoration for ages, since before moving to our house, and we've been here 10 1/2 years. I loved it when I got it, and I still love it now. Now, if I could only find some kitchen curtains to match. 

March 16: Money

Using as much money in coin form as he had available to make his number of the day

March 17: Green

Amelia decided to plant a tomato seed a while back. I think it is doing pretty good on our windowsill, don't you?

Then there is the challenge I am doing with the 
Homeschool Review Crew

March 11: Fresh

Found some really tasty fresh strawberries the other day. So much better than those frozen ones I've been eating. Love when they are on sale and I can grab some up.

March 12: Create

Helping to create a yummy dinner for the family. 

March 13: Dinner

Just a yummy Trim Healthy Mama E meal. It's been a while since we had chicken with rice. Yum. Dessert was fat free Greek yogurt with thawed frozen mixed berries.

March 14: Book

We are reading Percy Jackson as our night time read aloud, after we read our Bible story from our new Planet 316 Story Bible. We read our passage from the Bible during our school time, and if that story is in this Story Bible we read it and get to watch the characters "come to life" with the app on my phone.

March 15: Favorite

My favorite dessert when I want something more than a piece of skinny chocolate. A Wasa cracker with some natural peanut butter then covered in skinny chocolate. 

March 16: Movie

So many movies on the shelf, and we ended up watching a movie off of Netflix. 

March 17: Green

Yes, two green prompts yesterday. No big surprise, I was actually surprised all three weren't. Anyhow, as we really didn't do anything for St. Patrick's Day, I decided to make a shamrock out of parsley flakes. Why? Why not.

And I found this last one when I was searching on Instagram. 

March 11: On the Ground

There was a decent amount of snow on the ground for Venture Club to have their sledding party last Sunday. 

March 12: Early

Hubby was showing the children some early video games so they could compare the graphics to what they are used to these days. It all started when he was playing the Super Nintendo's Yoshi's Island and they were thinking the graphics were so bad. 

March 13; Orange

Red and yellow makes orange. I wasn't even paying attention at first, but my lunch was forming a rainbow. I put the orange cheese between the red strawberries and yellow yolk of the hard boiled egg.

March 14: Close Up

A close up of the huge icicle that was hanging from our drain spout. 

March 15: Weather

The snowy weather today, as seen from our front porch.

March 16: Transportation

A convenient form of transportation for my daughter's Shopkins 

March 17: A Fear

I have a slight fear of heights, which also includes a fear of going down steps without a railing or when not being able to see, like while carrying something big. I fell down the stairs in my aunt's house many many years ago and have had this fear every since. 

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