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Enhancing the Learning in Our Homeschool With Educational Resources from the CHSH Download Club {A TOS Review}

Thanks to the Homeschool Review Crew, we were given access to the CHSH Download Club of This is a wonderful online resource founded by homeschool mom, Lynda Ackert, for homeschool parents. It is chock-ful of downloads in all sorts of different subjects for grades K-12. A low $25 annual fee will give you access to over 50,000 downloadable files to help supplement your children's education. Or, you could opt to get a lifetime membership for only $99.99. 

When I was looking into the Download Club, I was impressed with all the different subjects that are available:
  • Bible
  • Language Arts
  • Social Studies
  • (Foreign) Languages
  • Math
  • Science
  • Arts, Music, Crafts
  • Electives
  • Health
Many of these subjects are also broken down into different topics. You can stop by and check the offerings, but you won't be able to download the files without being a subscriber. However, some files do allow for non-subscribers to view a preview. Additionally, offers some downloads for frees, just click the FREEBIES tab to check them out.

Here, let's take a look at the website. The following page is the one you will find when you click on "Search for Downloads" in the drop down menu under the "Download Club" tab. 

As you can see in the top, left-hand section of the screen, new downloads get added when available. You can search for specific categories or topics, and subscribers can search by key word. Further on down the page, you can browse the different categories. The downloads are organized in different ways. You can search by subject, grade, and months, There is also a section for Organization and one for miscellaneous topics.

As I perused the site, I discovered a few different downloads I wanted to try out with the children right away. We were getting ready to do a butterfly unit during our summer session, and I was thrilled to see a whole unit of printables and worksheets to help learn about the life cycle of butterflies. 

 I printed out two copies, one for Harold and the other for Hannah. There were worksheets that showed the whole life cycle, and then some pages with activities for each part of the cycle (worksheets that focused on eggs, or caterpillars, or butterflies). 

There were even some pages that the older girls could use. Here Amelia is following a grid to color a butterfly. (The caterpillar page is actually Harold's. They were both working at the coffee table for some strange reason.)

One of the other subjects I was excited about was the art section. Here you will find files with drawing instructions. I knew this was something Tabitha would be interested in. I just wasn't prepared for all of them being interested. 

There are several different drawing books offered. Tabitha chose to start with the Baby Animals book:

I had also planned on the older girls using the writing prompts journal. I even printed the full month out. However, they just weren't interested, and as we were doing so much for our summer school, I decided to not worry about the extra writing. I wanted it to be something fun for them, not a burden. The Download Club has writing prompt journals for each month of the year, so I hope to try again in the near future. I thought it was interesting that each day's prompt was focused on something special about that day, such as August 1st being Francis Scott Key's birthday, or August 6th being "Wiggle Your Toes" day. 

I'm now looking into how we will use the resources in the Download Club during the current school year. Next month, our core curriculum will be taking us on a trip around the world. So I am looking at printing out some of the World Geography files. There is a unit on World Geography Reading Maps, which will be perfect as it includes almost all of the countries we will be studying. In this download,there is a map for each country with certain details, such as cities, bodies of water, mountains, etc. Then, each country has a page of questions where the child is to examine the map and figure out the answers.

The Quick Continent Outlines will allow me to print out a simple map of each continent.

There are even habitat downloads in the science section, which will be great with our science in the core curriculum. We will be focusing on the habitats in the countries we learn about. 

I may even use some of the math files and language arts files to give the children some extra help where needed. 

Like I said, there is SO MUCH offered on this site. Such a treasure trove of materials to enhance your child's (children's) learning. I highly recommend the CHSH Download Club. Don't forget, you can stop by the site to get a look at all they offer. And don't forget to check out the freebies. 

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Don't forget to click on the banner below to see what my fellow Crew Mates had to say about the Download Club. I'm curious as to what they found on the site. How about you?

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  1. I always love reading your reviews on your blog! I appreciate the amazing photos that you take, and the detail that you put into your assessment of each curriculum item.
    This really makes me wish I had been on this Crew review myself, because it looks awesome!

  2. What a great review! I searched this site over and over again looking at all the fun stuff, I didn't find anything you show during my search. I am off to get the drawing baby animals for sure!! Thank you!!


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