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5 Days of Homeschool 101: Encouragement (From One Husband to Another)

Welcome to the fifth and final day of this year's Back to Homeschool Blog Hop, brought to you by the Schoolhouse Review Crew.

It is that time of year when my fellow Crew Mates and I share our thoughts on different subjects related to homeschool. This year we will all be sharing on the following topics on the specified days:

Hi.  Harold here.  I've fired up my pirate blogging system and taken over my Wife's blog.   She doesn't know I'm here.  I control the Fonts.  I control the wording.  I'm gonna talk about the topic that *I* want to talk about.  Sit back, relax, and wash your eyeballs with Listerine because my blog post.

One of the things my wife said to me while we were dating that I found intriguing was the fact that she had always wanted to home school her older children.  The other thing she said that I enjoyed was "yes, I'll marry you"  but this was a close second.  Sure, I had my doubts about home schooling based on what I had been told when I desperately wanted to get out of my own personal hell known as public school. No socialization, not respected, etc. 

Fortunately, my wife was able to calm my fears with good, solid research and a sledge hammer to my brain to help me forget about them.

Fast forward a few years.  We have four younger children who we are privileged to train up in the way of the Lord.  Yup.  We get to homeschool four of them.  Something my wife would not have been able to do ten years ago.

She didn't have any encouragement with her older children.  In fact, just the opposite.  She was told "no".  Things are different now and I for one, am very glad.

The best thing I can do, is encourage her but not in the way some would think.  Sure, I tell her what a great job she's doing (because she is), and I do my best to make sure she has the supplies she needs (Even after working 12 hours through the night when she gets a last minute idea), I even assist with getting the kids ready to go out the door to co-op weekly. 

Big deal.  That doesn't have anything to do with what's changed over the last ten years.  

I encouraged her to try.  Not only try, but to fail if need be and know that It's okay.  And to try again because she WILL get it.   Every child learns differently and unlike public school, we don't need a one size fits all mentality.  It is Okay to say, "this isn't working, I need to try something else" or even " they don't like this and aren't learning as well as they can.  I need to try something else."  

Failure is always an option.  I hope it doesn't happen, but I encourage my wife to keep going no matter what.

Gentlemen, after ten years of blissful marriage, the best advice I can give to you is this:

Never stop encouraging your wife. Not just in words, but in actions.  Help her every way that you can and understand that God made your children unique so their learning styles will be unique as well. Don't make your wife feel that she isn't allowed to make a mistake with curriculum or teaching styles. Remember, she's learning along with your children.

The difference I've seen in my wife over he last ten years now that she knows I'm not going to yell and scream over every tiny mistake and I'm not going to leave or threaten to leave if things aren't perfect has been immeasurable.  She is much more outgoing and confident now (even if she doesn't always see it)  and confidence is sexy if I do say so myself.  

Gentlemen, make sure your wife knows that you are by her side NO MATTER WHAT.  It really helps in ALL aspects of your marriage.

Well. Looks like my pirate blogging system is on the fritz.  So I'm signing off for now.  But keep your eyeballs peeled for when I take over again.  But keep them in water so they don't dry out.


Yes, I found him out. I wasn't sure what I was going to write about for today's topic of Encouragement. Next thing I know, hubby had taken over the computer and my blog and was halfway done with writing a blog post. A blog post he says he had been thinking about last night instead of sleeping. Isn't he just awesome. Anyway, I hope your husband's can find some encouragement from today's blog hop post fellow homeschool mama. 

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