Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday Photo Round Up- July 26, 2015

Time to share my photos from the three photo challenges I participate in! Let's start with Scavenger Hunt Sunday, shall we.

Selfie, Rows, One Word, I Love This, White On White


Took a SELFIE as I was getting ready to lie down for a rest last Sunday afternoon.

Had to share my second choice for SELFIE last week. I was acting a bit goofy, pretending to be asleep already and then wake up.


ROWS of carts just waiting to be used.

One Word

ONE WORD on this police car. The children were treated to a looksie in the car in addition to the officer's gear during summer reading program this week.

I Love This

I LOVE THIS, watching Tabitha search for and draw neat finds in her nature journal. Here she is drawing a pic of the daddy long legs she found at the park.

White on White

The word WHITE written in WHITE glue on WHITE paper and sprinkled with WHITE sugar.

I really like this one better, but I wasn't able to share it on Instagram because it took up too much of the frame.

Photo A Day Round Up

I am participating in a few different photo-a-day challenges this year. The photos are being shared daily on Instagram, but I thought it would be nice to include a collage of them here on my blog as well. Here are my collages showing the pictures from July 19- July 25.

The first one is the Photo A Day Challenge from Fat Mum Slim.

The second one is The Bethadilly Challenge (this is where the Scavenger Hunt Sunday prompts have been coming from this year).

The third challenge is the Schoolhouse Review Crew's Instagram challenge. 

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  1. Very creative, especially the White on White!


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