Sunday, October 12, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday: October 12, 2014

Time for some Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

Details, Friend, Comfort, Above, New


Close up details of the new bracelet sissy Krystal made Harold. One of the girls put it on him while he was asleep. Krystal made a bracelet for each of us.


What better friend than one's own sibling. I love taking pictures of them walking and holding hands.


He looks so comfy sleeping on the love seat.


The sky above the camp where we have homeschool co-op sure did change in the short time between finishing up my walk and going home.


A new poem, written by Tabitha just this morning. 


  1. What lovely photos you took this week of your family and outside--

  2. I love your photos this week. I especially like the friend shot of the two carefree girls walking hand in hand. Tabitha and her poem are adorable, and then the sun shining above and through the trees and... They are all great!

  3. Awww the friends shots are so cute and so was the comfort shot.
    Fun little poem.


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