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Sunday Photo Round Up (On a Monday): July 2nd, 2018

Sunday Photo Round Up

Sunday Photo Round Up is where I share the pictures I have taken during the week for the photo-a-day challenges I am participating in. For June I participated in the ones from Fat Mum Slim and the Crew plus one from Jamerrill Stewart: MegaMotherhood. Then I found one from Homeschool Instagrammers. I never did catch up all the way with that one. Anyhow, I never got a chance to post last week, so this week's post has from the past two weeks.

June 17: Outside

Outside at nighttime. Also wanted to play with my camera settings a bit. This is me standing in our yard looking into the park. I love the light rays in this shot.

June 18: Something Blue

The blue bowl I used to make broccoli salad to go with Amelia's birthday dinner. 

June 19: The Weather Today

The weather today was lovely, especially compared to yesterday. It wasn't near as stifling hot and we had some lovely blue skies with puffy clouds, no nasty rain storms.

June 20: Reward

 Hannah had the reward of winning a $5 gift certificate from the Kids and pets parade at our community days. She then rewarded herself and her brother to ice cream cones. I thought that was so sweet, esp because they are always fighting. 

June 21: Something Far Away

From where I stood there was a building a little bit down the road, but further away there were hills with a tower on the top, and really far away there were puffy clouds in the sky.

June 22: Collection

It has been years since I have seen a sticker dispenser like this one. I remember using them as a child to get stickers for my collection. This one was found at the putter golf place we went to the other evening.
June 23: Pink

Admiring some pink flowers outside the library.

June 24: Black & White

We saw this squirrel dash into the garbage can and bring out his lunch, a french fry. Unfortunately I couldn't get the picture in time to actually see the french fry. Wasn't sure what I would use the picture for, but thought it made a lovely black and white shot. 

June 25: Path

Following the path (or road) around the park with his bike.

June 26: Brave

Specifically took this movie out of the library to take this picture, but forgot to post. Oops
My kids being brave before we watched Brave. 

June 27: I feel...

I feel sad because my little girl still isn't feeling well. She keeps having issues with her tummy hurting and throwing up. Then she feels better and it comes back. She's supposed to go to camp next week, so I hope she gets better.
(Thankfully she is feeling better, as is everyone else who got that stomach bug, and both Hannah and Amelia are at camp right now.)

June 28: What I'm doing right now

Okay, when I took this, I was working on my review for my blog. Was just busy all day with the review and didn't get a chance to post it.

June 29: Close up

Just a close up of our lilies at the side of our house.

June 30: A plant

A plant or two (or more) in my friend's backyard, where the kids were playing in the pool during the birthday party.

Then there is the challenge I am doing with the 
Homeschool Review Crew

June 17: Dad

Spending time with dad after he got home for work, and before going to our church's Father's Day Breakfast. They gave him cards, and then a box of Junior Mints. 

June 18: Bridge

Spied this little footbridge while driving on a back road this morning.

June 19: Sidewalk

As soon as I saw this prompt my mind went straight to "Where the sidewalk ends" though I am not sure why. I figured it would be the best way to get a picture of a sidewalk in our little town, seeing as only part of it has a sidewalk.

June 20: Sunglasses

Took the sunglasses to the park and was trying to pretend the sun was wearing the sunglasses.

June 21: Summer

Enjoying the longest day of the year by walking in the park until close to nine o'clock. As I walked I noticed the older girls were enjoying some alone time by the river.

June 22: Left

And to our left, ladies and gentleman, you will see this lovely farm, featuring this neat, oldish barn. Don't you just love country roads?

June 23: Right

Yesterday I looked out to my left, today I looked to the right where I found a garden guarded by a scarecrow. 

June 24: Adventure

June 25: Discovery

Was a lovely discovery to find this Luna month on our screen. Hoping its wings weren't damaged or caught in spider web. Stayed there all day, tried to nudge it at night and it ended up in the grass. We hope it flew away and wasn't eaten. 

June 26: Explore

They love playing the Zelda games so they can explore. This one is Zelda Twilight Princess.

June 27: Art

Amelia showing off some of her recent art. After I was able to get her to stop laughing. Not sure what that was about.

June 28: Shadow

A shadow of a bicycle wheel on the porch. Just thought it would look neat.

June 29: Highlight

The highlight of his week is his chance to play his video game. Today he played Zelda Breath of the Wild.

June 30: Saturday

Enjoying living life on a Saturday afternoon. We were invited to a friend's birthday party and the children got to enjoy cooling off in the pool. 

Third challenge: MegaMotherhood from Jamerrill Stewart.

June 17: My Favorite

My favorite dessert is skinny chocolate from Trim Healthy Mama. And of course, because I took it out to take a photo, I gave into the temptation of eating a piece.

June 18: Flowers

Birthday girl in a floral dress posing in front of some flowers at the library, our last stop before heading home after our mother/daughter 10th birthday lunch date.

June 19: Clean

Not everyone was thrilled when they were told it was time to clean up the living room.

June 20: Buy in Bulk

We don't usually buy in bulk, but recently decided to get a BJ's Wholesale Club membership. So, now we have a bunch of spaghetti, bouillon cubes, and chicken broth that we don't have room for in our cupboards.

June 21: Bloopers

So, Amelia was going outside for a summer safari featuring her stuffed animals. I asked her if she could come up with some funny antics that would be worthy of a blooper reel. This poor bear, who was after the monkey hanging in the tree, had decided to do a little dance wearing Amelia's hat, and Tabitha thought it was quite weird. Then he started to climb the fence and he fell, making the girls crack up with laughter. 

June 22: Nature

The girls found a little bit of nature by our tub and brought them over to their "sanctuary." Aren't they cute. 

June 23: Errands

Had to go to the library today to return and take out books.

June 24: Rest

Our rest time yesterday was in the van up to Olean. First we did a little shopping (wanted to grab some of the school supply sales from Staples) and then we rested some more in the movie theater. Of course, I was reading in the van, though I did doze off a bit. Typical 

June 25: Siblings

Four siblings with new sneakers. They got new flip flops too, but I won't let them wear them til they go to camp. 

June 26: Afternoon

June 27: Free Time

The children were enjoying their free time playing lots of different games with each other, while I worked on a review.

June 28: Dinner

We love Thursdays! It's breakfast for dinner night. Pancakes and sausages. I make THM friendly S pancakes with peanut butter topping and blueberries for myself.

June 29: Clouds

Some pretty wispy clouds above our house this afternoon.

June 30: The End

The end of my serving of cherries. So very sad. Though I love that it looks like a heart. And no, I didn't arrange them that way.

Aaannnnd on to the fourth challenge: Homeschool Instagrammers

June 17: Nighttime

Outside at nighttime. Also wanted to play with my camera settings a bit. This is me standing in our yard looking into the park. I love the light rays in this shot.

June 18: Routine

Well, our summer break has officially begun, perfect timing for VBS at a nearby church. So, our routine this week is going to be waking up at a decent time and getting there in time. Today being Amelia's birthday sort of made things a bit hectic, but we made it. 

June 19: In Your Closet

We hang some of our wet clothes in the closet to dry. Not sure who decided my nightdress needed to be in knots for it to dry.

June 20: Music

She sure does enjoy making music on her recorder.

June 21: Hands

Two sets of hands working together to clean the dining table. One because it was her after dinner chore, the other because he didn't have time to clean the table after breakfast as we had to get to VBS. 

June 22: Movement

Lots of movement going on as the girls play a little one-on-one, sort of at the park. 

June 23: Game

It was Tabitha's turn to play a video game today. She was playing Zelda Breath of the Wild.

June 24: Goal

The goal was to be on time for church. That didn't happen. Again. At least we weren't too late. 

June 25: Something New

Four siblings with new sneakers. They got new flip flops too, but I won't let them wear them til they go to camp. 

June 26: Sunset

Went over to the park to take a walk and let the children play just so I could be over there when the sun was setting. Through these trees was the best angle, though I do with the wires weren't in the way.

June 27: Hometown

 Who knew growing up in Queens, NYC that one day I would call this rinky dink town, that is only 1 mile around, my  hometown.

June 28: Favorite Thing

One of my favorite things about summer? Cherries. My favorite fruit. Specifically had an E meal tonight for dinner so I could have these for dessert.

June 29: Fun

Having fun playing games. A great homeschool perk. 

June 30: Living Life

Enjoying living life on a Saturday afternoon. We were invited to a friend's birthday party and the children got to enjoy cooling off in the pool. 

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