Sunday, June 3, 2018

Sunday Photo Round Up: June 3rd, 2018

Sunday Photo Round Up

Sunday Photo Round Up is where I share the pictures I have taken during the week for the photo-a-day challenges I am participating in. In May I was taking photos for the following challenges: Photo a Day from Fat Mum Slim, the challenge with the Crew, and a new one from Intentional Homeschooling. For June I am again participating with the one from Fat Mum Slim and the Crew. Then I discovered one from Jamerrill Stewart: MegaMotherhood.

May 27: Garden

This little patch under the flag at the Pocono Raceway was the closest thing I could find to a garden last week.

May 28: Make

Making some American flags for Memorial Day.

May 29: People

Four of my favorite people playing one of their favorite games at the park. Hide and Seek.

May 30: Silhouette

Just a bird showing off on our roof

May 31: Temptation

Ice cream used to be a big temptation for me. Now, I can pass it by really easily. However, i'm always tempted to eat more skinny chocolate (from Trim Healthy Mama) than I should in one day. There are three pieces in my hand in this picture, only two are allowed per day.

June 1: Circle

Looking through this circle will help things from far away look clearer. However, using my zoom on my camera worked even better today at the ARCA race at the Pocono Raceway.

June 2: Snack

My kiddos were making themselves and their sisters a snack to go with the movie tonight. They called it Strawberry Sugar Moosh.

Then there is the challenge I am doing with the 
Homeschool Review Crew

May 27: Sky

Wasn't a very pretty sky on Sunday, but I liked all the different shades of clouds.

May 28: Morning

Part of our Memorial Day morning was spent doing our routine time. The children were to write the Pledge of Allegiance as copy work. Tabitha and Amelia did theirs in cursive.

May 29: Swim

Tabitha's fishy Gilford finally cooperated and swam right at me. 

May 30: Sunshine

Missed the bright sunshine this morning, and the only chance I had for some sun was from behind the clouds. It is sort of pretty.

May 31: Throwback

We are reaching the end of our 2017-2018 school year, and I was thinking of my favorite resource for my other photo a day prompt, when I thought of taking a picture of last year's curriculum, all neatly packed away in our bedroom. 

June 1: Desk

A look at the neat part of my desk, which doesn't stay neat all the time, but I have been trying to do better. 

June 2: Weekend

Part of our weekend was set aside to help celebrate the graduation of two lovely young ladies. 

This one is from Intentional Homeschooling. 
(This challenge does not have prompts for the weekend.)

May 28: A favorite book (or a few)

Well I shared these recently for the prompt a good read. But they really are my favorites, so sharing them again. One is missing this time because I loaned it out to a friend who saw my last post and asked to borrow it. I would have to say my favorite 2 out of the series are Twilight and Breaking Dawn, if I had to choose. Of course, Harry Potter are favorites too.

May 29: A Favorite Game

Four of my favorite people playing one of their favorite games at the park. Hide and Seek.

May 30: A Favorite "Tool"

I guess my favorite tool would have to be the computer. They learn math with online programs, have been working on language arts, including spelling, write emails for writing practice and learning to correspond, write stories, practice typing, etc. Today Tabitha was typing up a story she is writing for a fun contest we found. 

May 31: A Favorite Resource

Going to have to go with the Teacher Manual of our core curriculum. Helps to keep me on track and sort of organized. 

The new challenge: MegaMotherhood from Jamerrill Stewart.

June 1: Intro & Selfie

Hi, I'm Karen, and here I am with part of my family, my hubby plus our children who are still at home and are homeschooled. Today was field trip to the Pocono raceway. We love field trips, though we don't take them very often. Hubby is the race fan, of rather be reading or taking pictures. Looking forward to a fun month.

June 2: Current View

Came downstairs to see these two grappling over the bear. They seem to be playing, but I think they are sort of fighting over it. Typical day. Typical kids.

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