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Homemade Valentine for Kids to Make: Colorful Coffee Filter Hearts

Homemade Valentine for Kids to Make
Colorful Coffee Filter Hearts

Yesterday the children in the preschool co-op class made some special valentines to give to their parents. I decided I would share them today, as waiting for my next Littles Learning Link Up post wouldn't give you enough time to make these with your children. Granted, more likely than not, you are the mom who will be making these with your children. If so, these could easily be given to daddy or grandparents. If you are a teacher of a class of young children, these are great for children to make for their parents. 

Here are the materials we used:

You will need:

1 coffee filter per child
Cardstock glitter hearts 
(found at Walmart, if you can't find these, just take red cardstock and cut into heart shapes)
Watercolor paints
Heart stickers
Black marker
White school glue
Silver glitter
Glue stick
White, Gold, Silver Thin Stix/Kwik Stix (optional)

I thought this project went really well with the book "Mouse's First Valentine" by Lauren Thompson. I always try to have a book to read to the children during snack time that fits with the craft we made. 

First I flattened out the coffee filters. Then I traced the each child's hand onto the back of it with pencil. I made sure to put the heart underneath the filter while I did this, so I could make sure the hand was hidden by the heart. Just for the record, this handprint step doesn't work as well with older children who have bigger hands that show past the heart. I tried this first with my Hannah, and you could see the handprint past the heart, which made it look untidy as I trace them in black marker. The project can still be done without the handprint though.

We then turned them over and painted them with the watercolor paints. I demonstrated to the children that they should work their way out from the center, making sure to get paint up to the edges so it could be seen once the heart was attached.

We then set the coffee filters aside to dry.

While we were waiting, we decorated the hearts. The children were allowed to make some designs on the edges if they so desired, using the Kwik Stix. Then I used the glue to write "I Love You" on the heart, and the children shook on some glitter.

Warning: If you choose to use the Kwik Stix, make sure it dries thoroughly before adding the glitter or the glitter will stick to the paint.

When both the coffee filter and the heart were dry, we glued the heart to the front of the coffee filter and the children attached stickers to the edges. We found the stickers won't stick to the glittery heart, so we made sure to keep the stickers on the coffee filter.

If you can't find the glittery hearts and opt to use plain red cardstock, you could also decorate the heart with the stickers. You could also allow them to use other art materials to decorate the heart.

Proudly showing off her valentine for her mom and dad.

On the back of the valentine, if you have traced the child's handprint, you can then outline it in black marker and sign the child's name inside it.

I wrote Harold's name before glueing it which is why it is wrinkled. I would recommend adding the name after it is complete.

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  1. I love using coffee filters for crafts! In fact I have several snowflakes we made last year hanging up on the front door (I laminated them so they would last).

  2. Fun and pretty! Thanks for sharing on the Virtual Fridge!

  3. Those are so adorable! Thanks for sharing at the Virtual Refrigerator. Pinned.


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