Friday, January 1, 2016

A Word For 2016

Happy New Year! It's that time of year again. Time to share a "Word of the Year." This is something I have been doing for the last two years, and  let's just say, last year didn't go much better than the year before. I was hoping to focus on Diligence. As usual, I started out strong, but I lost my oomph very early in the year.  I thought about using Diligence again, but the hubby advised me not to. As I recently decided to work on losing weight and getting healthy, I decided my word for 2016 will be:


I was given the Trim Healthy Mama book last year and just couldn't get into it. This year I am determined to finish reading the book and implement the ideas. I even found a "Quick Start Guide" over on Gwen's Nest to help me get started while I am working my way through the book. I started exercising again this week and have been doing me best to eat better (though last night was a bust). 

I will be sharing my progress over on my poor neglected weight loss blog, Turn My Life Around. I may even put up a monthly linky again. Well, last year I only got the linky up once, but no one linked up, so I sort of gave up on it. 

So, would you like to join me in this journey? You can start by linking up your Word for 2016 post below. Then you can stop by Turn My Life Around to share how your year is going at the beginning of each month. 

Let's get this new year started on the right foot!


  1. Healthy is a great word choice. I love trim healthy mama. It has changed my life and the way I view food and eating vs. dieting. Once you learn the principles of the plan and get the hang of it, you will have good success.

  2. I love your word! I've heard so much about the Trim Healthy Mama book, but I haven't read it. Sounds like I need to add it to my TBR list.

  3. Healthy is a wonderful word and I'll be a Trim Healthy Mama along with you this year :)

  4. I won a drawing for the Trim Healthy Mama cookbook recently. I keep checking the mail everyday waiting impatiently for it to arrive. Healthy is one of my goals too. We've slowly been making the swap to more natural foods. Very slowly.


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