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Exploring How the Cosmos is Designed for Human Life with Privileged Species from {A TOS Review} Review

I don't know about you, but I sure do miss the good old days, when the programs on television were wholesome and worth watching. It is so hard to find things these days that are decent, not just for our children to watch, but for us as Christian adults to watch as well. If you are searching for inspiring and entertaining programs, I would like to introduce you to a new-to-me company that I learning about thanks to the Schoolhouse Review Crew. is an online store owned by the Christian company, Lukas Media.  You will find a wide variety of quality films at at affordable prices. Members of the Crew were able to select from several wonderful movies. My husband and I were thankful to be chosen to review Privileged Species.

Privileged Species is a 33-minute long documentary put out by the Discovery Institute that looks into the evidence that the universe was designed for us.  I always enjoy finding new resources to strengthen our knowledge of creation and God's hand in it. Though this documentary is more from an Intelligent Design perspective, I have found it very informative. As the subtitle states, this DVD looks into "how the cosmos is designed for human life," and shows how random processes could not have ensured that all the intricacies necessary for life are present. 

The DVD begins with a clip of Bill Nye "The Science Guy" expounding to a group of humanists that he (or any human) is just a "speck on a the middle of specklessness." This is the thinking behind evolution, that we are nothing; we are no different than any other creature in the universe. In fact, according to George Gaylord Simpson, "Man is the result of a purposeless and natural process that did not have him in mind."

However, Privileged Species, featuring Biologist Michael Denton and narrated by Andres Williams, sets out to prove Mr. Nye and this worldview wrong. There is a meaning to life and man is not an accident. This documentary shows how the forces of nature (gravitational, electromagnetic, strong nuclear and weak nuclear) must remain constant for life to continue and flourish. All of creation works together and is fine-tuned. 

The majority of the documentary is focused on the importance of carbon, water, and oxygen. It is stated that there is no substitute for carbon and life would cease to exist without this key building block. Water is described as a "driving force of all nature," which is a quote attributed to Leonardo da Vinci. The viewer is introduced to several important things about water. We explore how it is the ideal solvent, has low viscosity, has just the right thermal properties, and expands when frozen.  It is also explained that the tectonic and water cycles work together, which is something I never realized. The importance of oxygen and the fact that there is just the right amount is also discussed.

My husband and I both watched the DVD on separate occasions. Though there is nothing that would be inappropriate for young children, the majority would definitely be over my children's heads, so I haven't had them sit down and watch it yet. I can see them watching it for a science unit when they are a bit older, perhaps middle school or high school age. Though the majority of the documentary was easy to understand, there was a section toward the end where even I was having trouble following along. This is definitely a DVD that needs to be viewed more than once at times when you can concentrate on all the scientific information being shared.
Though I may have struggled with a portion of the documentary, I found the majority of it to be full of relevant information that really needs to be shared. As Christians we do not have a blind faith. Privileged Species shows that there are scientific discoveries that have been made and are being made that point to a designer, a creator. I highly recommend this DVD.
You can currently purchase Privileged Species for $9.99. 
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