Thursday, August 22, 2013

2013-2014 "School" Room

I have been working on organizing our homeschool area in an attempt to not be as stressed this year as I was last year. I feel our space is quite a bit more organized now. In order to accomplish this we have rearranged, though just a bit. The majority of our schooling is done in the dining room, over at the "school" table, though they do use the dining table.

Here is our school area. 

The biggest change was moving the easel from over by the stairs to in the corner. I desperately needed a bookshelf downstairs and I figured the easel could still be used while being tucked out of the way. 

We have an alphabet chart and a color chart on the one wall. 

This is our official school area. We sit at the table for our "Gathering Time," which is what we call our circle time. The children will also do work/projects at the table, however, they could also use the dining table.

During our actual lesson time the easel is pulled out so we can reach our Calendar/Topic Board.

The Calendar/Topic Board opens up so we can do the calendar and review our letter/sound and topic.

I needed a bookshelf in our school area so I could have a place to store our books we are using. It was getting really annoying/frustrating to not be able to find anything because I would set things down and forget where I put them. Plus we are starting a workbox system, which I will explain in another post.

The baskets on the top of the bookshelf contain crayons, scissors and glue/tape.

Here are Tabitha's and Amelia's workboxes.

And the bottom shelf holds the books we are using this year, plus our hundred chart material and dried bean activity.

This stand has coloring books and paper the children can use for drawing when ever they feel like being artistic. The top holds random materials I need.

This is our activity table which sits next to the stand. I will add things for Harold and Hannah to do as the year progresses. Right now there are blocks in the basket and that is about it. I also store my folders in the box under the table.

I found this alphabet border at the Dollar Tree and thought it would be great to hang up and add the letters that we have already done and the ones we are working on.

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